Monday, June 6, 2011

Rural Lady's Planner

For Monday, June 6th, 2011

Through The Windowpane .... 
sunshine and the promise of another HOT day ahead.

Thanksgiving And Praise ... Grandmommy Roth's progress, Luke's evaluation, seeds have sprouted, fields are mowed, children are thriving ...

Praying For … Grandmommy Roth, .  Luke M., Swim Team, upcoming Scout events, our summer session of school.

The Learning Rooms ... 
Math, Bible, History, Science, and lots of reading ....

Reading From The Bookshelf ... 
I just finished LIFE ON THE MISSISSIPPI by Mark Twain ... and have yet to decide what's next ...

From The Kitchen...
M – Beef & Broccoli over brown rice.
T –  Hamburgers (grilling !).
W –  Vegetable Stir Fry over brown rice.
T –  Steaks (grilling !) and salad.
F – Chicken and veggies a la crockpot.
S –  Attending cook out (Mom's night off - yahooo !)
S –  Grilled chicken over fresh salad.

Creative Endeavors ... still arranging and re-arranging ... although we did manage to get the sewing area set up and also found the art supplies ... so maybe soon ?!?!??!

Plans For The Week ...
M –  Home Horseback Riding Time, School, Swim Team, Scouts.  Also Phase 1 (swap "library" with Master Bedroom).  Weed big garden.
T –  Working our horses, School, Library.  Phase 2 of swap.  Weed big garden.
W –  Home Horseback Riding Time, School. And maybe a boat ride on the lake ?
T – Working our horses, School, Swim Team.  MOWING !!
F –  Home Horseback Riding Time, School, MOWING !!  Three big boys to MB Clinic (Scouts).
S –  Working our horses, Dumma's arrival, RV Delivery and set up.  Cook Out at neighbors (yummy !)
S –  Church.  Maybe boating on the lake ?

Around The House & Farm ...
 weeding, mowing, fence repairs (yes, already !), exercising horses, getting organized ...

Through The Viewfinder ... blackberries (wild) will be ripe any day now ... temperatures in the 90s makes it feel more like August than June ... but WOOOO HOOOO it's summertime at last !!

Have a Blessed Day!!!  

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