Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rural Lady's Planner

For Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Through The Windowpane ....  sunshine all week and the promise of some thunderstorms in the afternoons.

Thanksgiving And Praise ... Grandmommy Roth's continued progress, happy horses, tiny green tomatoes on the vines, children are thriving ...

Praying For … Grandmommy Roth,  Luke M., Boxing friends, our summer session of school.

The Learning Rooms ... 
Math, Bible, History, Science, and lots of reading ....

Reading From The Bookshelf ...  
I just finished two Monty Roberts books (the Horse Whisperer) ... and have yet to decide what's next ...

From The Kitchen...
M – Baked tomatoes on bruchetta and salad.
T –  Marinated steak and vegetable sandwiches on pitas.
W –  Vegetable Stir Fry over brown rice.
T –  Arroz con pollo.
F – Chicken and sun-dried tomato orzo and salad.
S –  No-sauce linguine.
S –  Oven-baked "fried" chicken.

Creative Endeavors ... tooling around outside, mowing trails, trimming branches ... and I look at my sewing machine standing at the ready, thinking "maybe the next rainy day .....".  

Plans For The Week ...
M –  Home.  Small errands in town. Horseback Riding Time, School.  Scouts.
T –  Working our horses, School, weed big garden, and possibly the C family visiting.
W –  Home, Horseback Riding Time, School. And maybe a boat ride on the lake ?
T – Working our horses, swimming at lake with friends, School, MOWING !!
F –  Home, Horseback Riding Time, School, MOWING !!  Horseback riding lessons at HH farm.
S –  Working our horses, Dumma's arrival, boating ?
S –  Church.  Maybe boating on the lake ?

Around The House & Farm ...
 weeding, mowing, fence repairs (yes, already !), exercising horses, getting organized ... trying to find time and inspiration and materials to build a chicken house.

Through The Viewfinder ... blackberries (wild) are ripe and are very yummy ... temperatures in the 90s makes it feel more like August than June ... but WOOOO HOOOO it's summertime at last !!

Have a Blessed Day!!!  

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